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Wedding Car Hire 101

The wedding car you hire for your big day might be relegated to the bottom on your list of priorities, but it shouldn’t be. Wedding transportation is one of the most important aspects of your wedding that will support your theme. Hence, it is important to ride in style as you make your way from the ceremony to the reception venue. When looking through your options for wedding cars in Adelaide, you have several things to consider such as the following:

1. Look at your wedding car as an important photography opportunity for the couple. You can choose to decorate the bridal car however you want but it has to possess a unique style on its own. This will also be where you, the couple, will be riding on for the first time after officially getting married!

2. Consider the size of your bridal party. This factor will differ from one wedding to another. Some couples prefer being transported to the reception venue with their wedding entourage. If you prefer this kind of transport, then you need to hire a large vehicle like a limousine so you can ride with your entourage. But if you prefer to be transported as a couple, then traditional wedding cars in Adelaide will do.

3. Don’t let style tromp practicality. It might be tempting to hire a beautiful and elegant wedding car for your wedding day. However, you have to be realistic and consider the route that you are going to take. You have to adjust your options according to the type of road you will be driving on to ensure a comfortable ride.

4. Be open about the color options. The traditional wedding car is white in color. However, several modern weddings have veered away from the tradition. In fact, some couples opt for colorful vehicles that reflect their personality as a couple or the wedding’s theme.

5. Who will decorate the car? A lot of wedding car hire services in Adelaide offer a comprehensive package when you book their service. This type of package means that they will provide you with the service of a driver and decorate the vehicle as well. If they offer decoration for your car, make sure that it is suited to the theme and motif of your wedding.

6. Do not book a car unless you have seen it in person. When booking wedding cars in Adelaide via the internet, you should insist on seeing the actual vehicle prior to confirming the booking. This will give you the opportunity to physically examine the style and look of the vehicle in person as photos might not suffice.

7. Book early. You want to avoid the hassle of looking for other wedding car hire services in Adelaide if you book last-minute only to find there are no available cars. This should also serve as your reminder that you should start shopping around for car hire services a few months prior to the wedding date.

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