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Confused Owners’ Guide to Choosing the Right Car Service

Skoda Brisbane service is just one of the many services owners can get. So many deals nowadays overwhelm owners to the point of confusion. Their common question is: what type of service does my car really need?


Choosing the right type is crucial, as picking the inappropriate one can even cost you cash and time. Thus, regardless if you own a Mitsubishi or Skoda vehicle, you must know the right type of Mitsubishi or Skoda Brisbane service to get for your car.

Here are some helpful bits of information to help you choose the right one:

Annual mileage

High mileage

For cars with high mileage in 6 months and 18 months, they have to undergo an Interim service. For a ŚKODA car with a year of high mileage, the manufacturer may suggest a Full Skoda Brisbane service. On the other hand, a Major Service is for cars with two years of high mileage. Check Brisbane City Skoda for more details.

Low mileage

If your car has low mileage (6 months or less) then you might not need a service yet. If you notice something’s wrong, you might just need a tune-up. Meanwhile, if you’ve used it for a year, your car will need a Full Service. A Major Service is also for cars with two years of low mileage.

Types of services:

1 – Basic or Interim service

This service usually includes oil or filter change and a series of light checks for any concerning issue. For instance, a mechanic may check the tyres if they need a Skoda wheel service. Nonetheless, the mechanic shouldn’t do any minor or major tune-ups without the owner’s permission.

2 – Full Service

The Full Service covers an additional set of 15 checks and tune-ups, compared to the Interim service. With a Full Service, you may get an extensive inspection for damage or leaks, wheel or brake checks, brake fluid replacement, or service light reset.

3 – Safety Service

For owners who have a limited budget, they can get a safety service. This includes motor oil tune-ups, belts and hoses inspections, or battery tests. Depending on the centre or garage, you may also receive a security review or framework check. The only disadvantage is its short-term effect.

4 – Major Service

Compared to a Safety Service, a Major Service will be more thorough—hence the pricier fee. The Major Service will include all the procedures in the Safety Service. But there are additional tune-ups like motor administration framework checks, air channel replacement, output and blame code test, and outer fuel replacement.

5 – Premium Service

The Premium Service’s covers all the procedures and inspections in a Major Service. But this time, two important tune-ups are present. One is the brake fluid inspection. If there’s a damage and doesn’t get detected early, it will lead to corrosion. Another is the coolant flush, which is a crucial preventive tune-up.

6 – Ultimate Service

Now, an Ultimate Service does tune-ups from the previous services. But the key benefit is its advanced thoroughness. The procedures in this service make sure the car’s functionality lasts up to four years. A mechanic may carry out throttle body clean, on-auto fuel injector flush, and motor decarbonization.


Knowing the right service for your car will help you save money and time. If you’re currently searching for a Skoda Octavia service, you can get one from Brisbane City ŚKODA. They’re experts in delivering a Skoda superb service. Start experiencing the latter by visiting http://brisbanecityskoda.com.au/servicing

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