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Signs that your car needs to be checked by a professional ASAP

It’s easy to neglect the condition of your car when you’re rushing to work, driving the kids, going grocery shopping, driving to an appointment, and many other responsibilities that require transportation. However, car maintenance should be done regularly and not just whenever the check engine light is blinking. Here are the signs that tell you your car already needs a trip to a Kia service specials centre.

Hard starting

One of the most common problems that car owners would eventually encounter is having difficulty in starting the car. Sometimes, when the car is left out in the cold weather, the engine becomes cold and takes a while to start. But if this scenario isn’t likely and your car has difficulty in starting several times already, then there might be something wrong. Click here Toowong Kia

It could be the battery, starter, or engine. Nevertheless, take it to a Kia service specials centre right away so the mechanics can diagnose it and repair it ASAP.

Suddenly stopping mid-drive

Imagine driving along a high-traffic area, such as a motorway, and then your car suddenly stops. Not only is it dangerous, but it also means that there’s something wrong with your car. It could be the spark plug or the engine. Whatever the cause is, taking it to a Kia service specials centre is the best thing to do. You can get a replacement vehicle from them while waiting for your car to be fixed.

Vibrating, squeaking, or rattling noises

Noises, like squeaking and rattling, are usually a sign that there is definitely wrong with your vehicle. For one, the fluid levels of your car is low. It could also mean an issue with the tyres. Worse, it can indicate loose car parts which can pose danger to you and your passengers while you are travelling.

Don’t dismiss the noise – you’re only waiting for it to cause unfavourable situations. Take it to a reliable car service Kia offers and let the professional mechanics do their job.

Warning lights turning on

A lot of people simply ignore the flashing warning lights in the car, thinking that it’s nothing major. Well, those indicators are there for a reason, and that is for you to have your car checked whenever they turn on. If it’s something that you can’t fix yourself at home, call the Kia motors locate a service centre hotline and have it repaired as soon as you can.

Consuming too much fuel

If you’re a pretty fast driver or always driving around rocky terrains, then a high fuel consumption is normal for you. However, if you notice that your car guzzles up too much gas even when travelling short distances, it might be time to have it checked at the closest Kia service center.

New and used cars both deserve to be treated with care and maintained properly. If you are looking for a car dealership and a service centre in one, Toowong Kia is the perfect place for you. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your Kia car needs.

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